What can cause your garage door springs to break?
No doubt that all the garage door owners know that how important it is to ensure the regular maintenance of the garage door springs and other door parts, but they don’t pay it much attention until any of these parts defected. In such a case, they just panic that what to do next and when they don’t get any answer then they try the repairs themselves. And they finally result up injuring themselves. But, let us tell you that you will never face this situation if you are ensuring the regular maintenance of your garage door.
Regular maintenance methodologies will let to know about the defects when they will be in their initial state and thus, you will be able to protect your door parts from the damages. Only you are required to have some basic knowledge about all the door parts and then you will be able to detect the issue before they can do damage to your garage door. Here, we are going to mention the reasons which can cause your garage door springs to break. By having knowledge about these reasons, you can effectively protect your garage door.
Completion of the lifespan is the most common reason for spring breaking. Torsion springs have the normal life span of 10-12 years, which is only 6-7 years for the extension springs. This is the lifespan when you will operate your garage door two times a day. More use means reduced life span. So, you need to consider the lifespan of your door springs and get them replaced before they can affect whole of your garage door system.
Sudden changes in the temperature and extreme temperatures also have bad affect on the garage door springs. These conditions weaken the springs and cause their breaking even before they reach the end point of their lifespan. Also, the exposure to various climatic conditions like rain, wind, dust and more can lead to the breaking of springs.
When springs are not installed properly or incorrect springs are used, then they can break unexpectedly anytime.
Lack of regular cleaning and lubrication is the most common reason as garage door owners don’t give it much importance. Dust and moisture get accumulated on the springs, which give birth to rust. And after that the depreciation of the springs begins.
As the garage door springs undergo normal wear and tear, you are required to ensure timely garage door repair and inspection to avoid the minor issues from becoming major ones.
And if you are concerned about the garage door spring replacement then let us tell you that you would be required to get your door springs replaced in the case they are broken. And if the springs are working well even after the completion of their life span then also you should get them replaced as they can break anytime. So, it would be better to replace them before they can damage your property and increase your expenses.