Garage door opener replacement
Garage door opener can stop from working anytime, so you are required to know little bit about their problem detection, repair and replacement. So, the first question is how to know that there is an issue with your garage door opener. Well, if there will be any issue, then it will not operate. But, how you will get to know that whether something wrong has happened to the opener or any other part which has caused your door to stop from working?
However, detection is not difficult. You just try to open the door with opener. And if it does not open then try to open it manually. If the door still not work or get opened then the problem may be with springs or any other part. But, if it opens on trying manually, then it means there is the problem with opener. So, the solution is its replacement. Here, we are going to explain the process for garage door opener replacement.
First thing that you need to ensure is buying the right type of opener. As there are three types of garage door openers, you can select the one according to your requirements and budget. Like if you want noiseless door functioning, then you should go for belt drive openers and if you are looking for the least expensive, then you should choose the chain drive opener. You are also required to choose the horse power.
Garage door repair is not an easy task, regardless which part has encountered the problem. So, you are required to read all the instructions for the replacement process which you can get from the instruction manual.
Keep all the tools at an arm distance so that you can easily pick them.
Now starting with the replacement process, mount the rail to bracket which is located above the door. While installing the opener, set it on the ladder up to the height where you want to install it. It will enable you to make the measurements easily.
While installing the opener, keep your garage door opened.
Rather than using the mounting straps provided along with the new opener, you should use a slotted angle iron for stronger installation and reduced vibration. Installed perfectly with the help of angle iron, an opener will work efficiently for longer.
Hang the opener at its position with the help of angle irons, nuts and bolts.
While installing the opener, replace all its components like the photoelectric eyes, wall button, wire (if it is exposed or worn), etc.
Next thing is to check the opening force of the door. For this you can try to open the door and then stop it while resting your foot on its handle. If it stops then it is OK, otherwise you should adjust the force.
Now, adjust the opening and closing force with the help of screws.
Now, you have done with the replacement process. Only you are required to recheck whether all the parts are properly aligned and the forces are adjusted to the required level or any adjustment is required.